Our first beginnings

In 1992 a magazine called Entertainment and Monthly Events was produced by Michael Barber and GAP Entertainment for the Toowoomba Region.

In 1994 there was a name change to What’s On as well as including additional pages and stories by local people.

Why Us?

Because we have local stories written by local people with disability. Stories about things that affect them in their everyday lives.

WhatsUp in Disability

WhatsUp In Disability (the magazine) was first published in 1995 to give local people with disabilities and carers, information on a growing multitude of local disability services, local news and issues, with the purpose of not only supplying information to people with disabilities, but of giving choices to people and to give local services a specialist media outlet where they could give information on their services.

Annual Report

Check out what we have achieved this year in our annual report
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Local Stories

The power of the electric wheelchair

A personal story by Robyn Meredith-Bramwell

“It was like receiving a shiny new red sports car”

My thoughts took me back to the days when I went where I wanted. Work, shopping, the theatre, horse riding, hockey, dancing and travelling. All these things were mine to do as I pleased.

I thought nothing about my ability to do them, my life was free and busy. Until…​

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